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"Nestled on a quiet lot in Laurel Canyon, this laidback post-and-beam home was originally designed by architect Philip Kimmelman."

Roy has made it his mission in life to only make superficial changes to the house, which mostly means covering those white walls in vintage wallpaper and changing the color in the kitchen. If anyone is subjected to a tour of his home, most likely they get a bullet pointed history of the house, the beams, Philip Kimmelman, and the landscape artist- Garet Eckbo ("Can you believe they wanted me to put a pool in here? Americans!")

There's a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a room that should be a bedroom but is definitely overtaken by instruments and recording equipment, two bathrooms, and two living spaces.

Roy's style can be summed up in one easy breezy sentence: "This guy who likes antique art deco and mid-century has way too much money." Most everything in Roy's home is new in that it is recently purchased but also pre-owned, save for the custom build record self, which takes up a wall and is too ugly to put on this mood board.

In order to give some kind of order, Roy has settled on a color palette of pink, green, and yellow (this also includes gold). You will find that he does not stick to one shade. Also: butterflies and florals!

Roy detests white walls and empty spaces, so every white wall you see in the first few rows of house pictures have since been covered by wallpaper (thx for the tip Naz), there are also small conversation tables and chairs everywhere.

As mentioned, there are chairs everywhere. There are a lot of Sommers and therefore there has always been a need for a lot of seating. Ever been to a party and there's no place to sit? This is never a problem at Roy's. There's even designated floor pillows. Sitting is important!

Along with all the chairs there are small conversation tables placed throughout. There's even one in the hallway leading to the bedrooms? He can't be stopped, he won't be stopped, you never know when or where you"re gonna need to sit and 1) check your phone 2) stare blankly while holding a cup of coffee/tea/etc 3) pull someone in to have a semi-private conversation at a party.

There's one very big living space with an adjoining kitchen, feat. a fireplace. Sliding glass doors bring a lot of light, and the room has been decked out with rugs, knick knacks, multiple sofas, and tables. There's also a transparent baby grand piano (transparent is also one of his colors) next to the fireplace, and this statue watches over them.

The marble coffee table is a century-old art deco piece that Roy will talk about at length, it"s one of the few things he owned before moving in and he loves it. There are coasters for your emerald green Anchor-Hocking glassware, don't worry!

Also, predictably, Roy doesn't own a TV. He has a screen and projector he"ll bring out, just let him know you"d like to have a movie night three days in advance.

The piano (referred to as "space piano") is just as outlandish as it looks, but Roy has always wanted a transparent piano and an upright "Didn't feel like it fit the space." It"s a Lucid Exo by Blüthner, a German (go figure) piano engineer. This particular piano was a gift to Lina Sofia, and has been in storage until Roy decided it was just the right fit for his home.

Roy set it up so that the piano is facing inward, so when one sits at it they can look out at the yard, literally through the piano, and watch as the acrylic catches the light. There are certain times of day where this thing is absolutely blinding.

Much like everything else in the house, all of the dinnerware is pre-owned. There's green, pink, and amber glass, gold utensils, boring ass appliances that have been tucked away in cupboards. The counters are rose quartz, because you literally cannot stop this man from being tacky.

There is a hanging chandelier of approximately 1,000 fake tulips in the kitchen, and it"s at an angle, it"s highly out of place but, like, what isn't in this house. That dining table with the yellow chairs has a place in this nook that"s next to the kitchen, which you can't really see in photos but is absolutely there.

Are pretty much like the rest of the house in style and clutter. There are two official bedrooms: Roy's, which features an obscenely large Alaska King bed (9x9'). Depending on who he's speaking to it's that big either for 1) his limbs, which stretch out 3x their length at night or 2) orgies.

Attached is an extremely obnoxious bathroom!

As mentioned, the yard/surrounding landscape is designed by Garet Eckbo who is apparently a very prolific landscape artist with his own entry in Wikipedia. Roy has memorized this entry and will talk about Eckbo at length if prompted, apologies in advance. The yard is suspiciously well kept. He's already got a garage full of neatly organized electric yard tools including: lawn mower, leaf blower (he"ll need it eventually, he says), weed whacker, and so on.

Much like the inside, outdoor furniture is abundant and there are no shortage of yard games. Croquet? Badminton? Corn hole? Bocce ball? Please, friends, let this man mix or shake you a cocktail and let's swing some mallets. Oh, also, he has a pool.

Flora has graciously supplied Roy's home with an abundance of plant life. There's succulents and macramé everywhere, if you look outdoors there's a butterfly/moth feeder which Roy is especially excited about. He points to a vague spot in the yard. "Bees." He says, hands on his hips. "I think I"m gonna get bees. We've all got to do our part to save them."

As a general rule for greenery, Roy is deeply into anything alien-looking. Pink butterfly succulents, amaranth, bleeding hearts, walking into a garden designed by him would be like walking onto the set of a 1960s sci-fi flick where someone crash lands on Mars and Mars is overflowing with plant-life.

Please don't @ me about what grows in Cali.

The third bedroom has been converted into a recording studio/practice room, the walls are covered in acoustic paneling. This room is actually the true master, and for its size has been converted to something useful! Wood paneling is used for the acoustics (predictable) and Roy has squeezed in every instrument he owns - somehow it works!

The list of instruments is seemingly endless - but of note are his Moog One, a pianorgan, an accordion, and several guitars.

The guest bedroom has your standard California King!

Attached is (another) extremely obnoxious bathroom!

See where all those books are? That's where Roy keeps his vinyl! And I guess probably some books.

The record player (a Rega Planar 10) is a pride and joy and has an adjoining sound system that's, you know, pretty good? There's also a tape deck to accompany a recent obsession with making mixtapes. The record collection is surprisingly modest, Roy has a strict 1-in-1-out policy so he's constantly giving vinyl away (with a few sentimental exceptions).